Change your filter or become a filter May 13 2015

To ensure your water treatment system is performing effectively, use the proper replacement cartridge and change your filter at the recommended interval.

It is no good investing in a good water filter / ionizer if you do not regularly change the filters.

AlkaStream after 5 weeks of use

The photo above shows an Alkastream filter after 5 weeks of use

The filter on the left hand side of the photo is a new AlkaStream filter.   The one on the right is how it looks after only 5 weeks of use.  This is what has collected on the outside of the filter – imagine what it has collected on the inside.  

For quick reference listed below are the recommended lifespan of filters for the most popular filters.

Electronic Water Ionizers (Jupiter or Chanson and/or Kangan 7):  every 12 months (or earlier if digital counter indicates filter life has expired).

Ultrastream approximately every 12 months

AlkaStream   approximately every 6 months

MinWell+   approximately every 6 months

Waterman Pot:    approx 800 litres or 6 months

Is it time to change the filters in your water purifier / alkalizer?  Is your filter still doing the job it was intended to do?  Please take a moment to check the expiry date of your filter.