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I love my Waterman mini!

Of all the water filter products I’ve used I’ve come to the conclusion that the mini waterman pot is the winner so far! I’m prompted to share this with you as in my experience the Waterman Pot has been the one I’ve kept coming back to as it’s the simplest and most versatile and the filters work and last really well. The last filter for the Alkastream kept blocking and didn’t last as long as I would have liked so out came the trusty Waterman Pot again.

Tania Taylor
Dumbleyung WA May 2015

Excellent Service

Just a quick email to thank you for your wonderful service!

On investing in a Delphi I am very happy with the product. I cannot thank you enough for replacing the unit immediately and it is a really wonderful thing when a great product is backed by such fantastic and prompt service.

I am waiting for my partner to get home to help install the new unit and I am sure all will be perfect. 

Donna McGuirk
Perth, WA September 2012

Testimonial Monica Jessen

Testimonial Corey McIvor

I have felt a huge difference in my wellbeing!

I’ve been drinking water from my Mini Waterman for about a month now and am loving it. I’d just come out of hospital after 3 operations and have felt a huge difference in my well being, including a reduction in my ongoing headache. I can only put it down to the clean, fresh water I’m drinking. It even tastes better!  Thank you!!!

Fiona Ryder (Melbourne)
Victoria August 2010

Relief from years of Pain

I was glad to receive your email as it gave me a way to send you my thanks & gratitude.

About a month ago at the Gluten Free Convention I listened to you give a talk on the 7.2 advantages. I knew I was doing a lot right and I had been able to turn so many things around in a positive way but there was still something missing. In my hips I have both osteo arthritis and bursitis, also two tennis elbows that would extend from the finger tips to my shoulders. The pain from these would keep me awake for 3-4 hours each night, I felt constantly drained and generally yuck. I also resented the hell out of the fact that I couldn't seem to get my life back. I'm not a very well behaved couch potato.

After listening to your talk and applying your advice it was almost an overnight miracle. I can now sleep, I'm able to go for a walk, I have  been able to start working and best of all I have energy and drive again. I'm only 47 but I had been feeling more like 67, now I can play with my grandchildren . But the other thing I constantly feel is happiness ( is there such a thing as too much ? ) especially after consuming my green juices etc. I have also been giving my husband the same treatment and his bursitis is also easing.

So from the bottom of my heart a big thank you and please keep spreading the word.

Marie Hinkley
Perth April 2014