Air Travel & Dehydration November 11 2014

On a recent flight back to Perth I was very surprised to see 2 new products being very heavily promoted at Auckland airport – both were quite expensive and designed for air travelers to hydrate the body and combat jet lag.

All products contained additives, sugar and caffeine! 

Hello !! We all know that the best way to keep hydrated and energized at all times (not only when travelling by air) is to drink ionized, alkaline water.

The Waterman jug  ideal for when you are away from home. For home use we have something for every person’s requirements – check out your options here. The whole family can now drink ionized, alkaline water for a few cents per litre.

The main danger on long plane flights is dehydration. The dry air in the plane, eating on the run and irregular schedules all add up to too little fluid in and too much out. This along with prolonged sitting, especially in a cramped position, may cause blood clots in the legs and pelvis. To prevent these dangerous clots we recommend drinking plenty of fluids but not caffeine or alcohol as these aggravate dehydration.

Please forward this on to any pilots, cabin crew or friends who travels a lot. They will love you for it !