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Far Infrared Thermal Mat



  • Expands capillaries which stimulates blood flow and increases circulation
  • Oxygenates the blood
  • Regenerates blood cells
  • Eliminates toxins, fat, chemicals, heavy metals, acids
  • Kills pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites
  • Rebuilds injured tissues 
  • Increases growth of cells, DNA synthesis and protein synthesis
  • Strengthens the immune system by stimulating increased production of white blood cells and killer T-Cells
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system by causing heart rate and cardiac output increase and diastolic blood pressure decrease.
  • Stimulates enzyme activities and metabolism by raising the body temperature and metabolism.
  • Breaks down cellulite


Will Bayley (Naturopath - Dudley Park WA 6210)  The main causes of disease are lack of oxygen, lack of ATP and fibrin.  Daily use of the far infrared thermal mat reduces inflammation, opens up arteries, improves nitric oxide levels, delivers ATP, and oxygenates the blood.   You can visibly see the difference in blood (using live blood analysis) after a single 20 minute session.  I have seen a remarkable difference in my patients health over a 6 week period when they have used the Far Infrared Thermal mat daily - with no supplementation whatsoever.  Purchasing a Far Infrared Thermal mat is the best investment you could make for you and your family's health.

Lex (Bornholm, WA 6330).  I was diagnosed with a 1.2cm macroadenoma on my anterior pituitary.   I consider the purchase of the Far Infrared Mat as an investment in my future. Before using the mat my blood was very clumpy (live blood analysis).  I couldn't drive the car, I could hardly talk and my brain felt thick and foggy.

I have been using the mat 3 x day (level 60) for several months.  The changes in my physical condition have been amazing.  I couldn't live without my mat and take it whenever I travel.  I am clearer in the head, my mood has improved, I can now drive from Albany to Perth and I can hold a normal conversation  - even my sense of humour has returned.  My blood is now free flowing with no fibrin.  It is the best investment I have ever made.

Karen (Bornholm, WA 6330)  After seeing the results that Lex was getting from daily use on the mat we decided to purchase another mat for me.   I had no real health issues (except stress) and the main benefits that I have noticed are more focus, less brain fog and more energy.  Recently I pulled a muscle in my back and I couldn't hold my arms in front of me.  I slept on the mat (without turning it on) overnight and next day my back was fine and I could lift my arms.  Previous injuries similar to this would take 3 - 4 days to heal.

We have recommended the Far Infrared Mat to all our friends.  Our reflexologist purchased one and uses it for herself and also when treating her patients.  She loves it.

Cora (Beeliar, WA 6164) I originally purchased a Far Infrared Mat to try and obtain relief from chronic shoulder pain for which I had already had unsuccessful surgery. After a few days of using the mat I found very definite and lasting relief from my shoulder pain. I had also been experiencing arthritic pain in many of my other joints and the mat has also provided lasting relief from this pain. An unexpected result of using the mat was a very marked improvement in my sleeping pattern and I have not used sleeping pills ever since I have been using the mat. I use the mat every day and find it has really improved my general health. This is the best health investment I have ever made and we always take it on any trips away from home.

Robyn (Booragoon, WA 6154)  One month ago I had a bunion operation (day surgery).  I was discharged with 3 lots of pain medication (Panadol Osteo, Tapentadol and Oxycodone).  After the operation I lay on my Far Infrared Mattress every day (level 50) for approx 1 hour.  The only medication I had to take was Panadol Osteo for 1 day!   After 3 weeks I could get my shoe on, drive the car and walk short distances.  I believe my recovery is about 2 weeks ahead of what the 'norm' is.  

I now have to line up to use my mat as both my husband and our cat loves it!  My cat will curl up to sleep for hours - even when it isn't turned on.  She seeks the healing rays of far infrared energy!

Fred (Pelican Point WA 6230). Fred (Pelican Point WA 6230)  In January 2017 I visited Will Bayley (naturopath) as I was extremely anaemic with Hb level of 95 (normal range for men 130 – 180)  Will recommended a Far InfraRed Mat.  I have been using the mat once a day (level 60) for 5 months now.  I had my levels checked regularly during this time and each time my Hb increased.  After 3 months my Hb was 117 and after 6 months it was within normal range.  I have put on 2 – 3 kg and also colour has returned to my face.  Before January I was getting no circulation into my legs but now the circulation is perfect.  I feel so very much better and I think the far infrared mat has saved my life.


286 precious jade stones..
120cm x 60cm

12 layers:

  1.  High grade leather layer.  This leather layer is elegant, durable and easy to clean.
  2.  Dense mesh cloth layer to fix the jade stones.
  3. Jade stone layer.  Jade stones can release far infrared rays and negative ions.  This promotes blood circulation and metabolism.
  4. Bamboo carbon fibre cotton layer.  This offers super adsorption (more than charcoal.  It absorbs dust, debris,sanitises and deodorizes.
  5. Glass fibre layer cuts off electromagnetic waves.
  6. Heat layer.  This absorbs and reflects the heat, protects the leather layer from aging and protects the mat when folded.
  7. Heat sensitive device layer.  This protects the mat from overheating.  If the temperature becomes too high the device will automatically shut the power off.
  8. Ecological non-woven cloth layer.  This layer fixes the heating lines.
  9. This layer stores the heating energy of the far infrared rays so that the mat has balanced heating areas and continually release heat.
  10. Ecological compression cotton layer
  11. Thermal insulating layer.  Stops conducting heat to the bottom of mat and prevents overheating.
  12. Waterproof eleusine cloth layer.  This is durable, resists tension and protects the mattress.


Infrared heat is a form of energy that allows you to heat your body more effectively and penetrate more deeply than other types of heat. 

Cardiovascular Health

A 2009 paper by Dr. Richard Beever in the journal “Canadian Family Physician” reviewed research on infrared heat’s cardiovascular health benefits. Beever explains that five separate research studies indicate that the using infrared saunas can benefit those with coronary risk factors. The specific risk factors that benefited with infrared heat use included high cholesterol and hypertension. According to Beevers, one reason infrared heat may help cardiovascular health is the demand placed on your body to regulate the heat compares to the physical effort level of walking at a moderate pace.

Help Muscular Injuries

Infrared heat can also help you if you have a muscular injury. Increasing blood flow to you injured muscle helps increase healing. Physical therapist Tricia Trinque explains that in addition to heating deeper into your muscles, infrared heat also releases nitric oxide. Nitric oxide improves circulation and increases the oxygen and other nutrients coming to help heal the injured area. To treat a specific injury, such as a strained hamstring, with infrared heat a physical therapist would use an infrared light therapy device.



 Sleep or lie on the Far Infrared Thermal mat without heating.  Your body will still benefit from the negative ions being emitted from the mat, even at room temperature.


30~35°C for soothing and stimulating a relaxing mood, sense of well-being
35~40°C for increased soothing effect & muscle relaxation
40~50°C as an adjunct to physical therapy, e.g. for rheumatoid arthritis
50~70°C for maximum detoxification and healing.


If you are using the Far Infrared Thermal mat WITHOUT heating there is no limit to the amount of time you can lie or sit on the mat.

When using heat the ideal length of time per session is 1 hour.  You could do this 2 or three times per day.

When you first get the mat it is recommended to use heated (at a temperature that is comfortable for you) every day for at least 1 week.  For maintenance it is recommended to use the infrared mat two or three times a week.


Keep hydrated before, during and after your Far Infrared Thermal session.  Drink plenty of clean, alkaline, antioxidant water.  


Precious jade stone has been known to man for 7,000 years.  Finally recognized for its exquisiteness, in 3000 BC the jade was considered the royal gem in China, where it’s worth is comparable to gold and diamonds here in the West.

In traditional Eastern medicine, jade is believed to possess healing qualities by emitting a gentle steady energy that strengthens the lungs, heart, thymus, immune and nervous system, as well as increasing kidney filtration and blood detoxification.  Jade also represents health, wealth and longevity.

Jade is a natural transmitter of far-infrared rays in the same wavelength as the human body. It contains vital elements essential for the human body such as calcium and magnesium. The jade also produces negative ions which encourage the cells metabolism, which in turn increases one’s vitality, strengthens one’s immune defense and enhances endurance. It is well known in the Orient for slowing down the process of aging.

The health benefits of jade are also now becoming known in the West. In a study done performed in Germany, it was reported that the jade lowers high blood pressure and improves circulation. Mice fed with jade filtered water displayed a decrease in high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels as well as reflecting an increase in sperm count and regenerative functions.

Far infrared heat quickly heats and penetrates deeply, you'll feel the comfort and pain relief last up to six hours (depending on how long you soak in the heat).

Far infrared is the heat you experience when you lay out in the sun but without the harmful UV rays.  Far infrared heat is isolated and has no dangerous effects whatsoever.


Click here for Contraindications.

 A Note on Detoxification:

During detoxification, accumulated toxins are released from cells and organs, passing through the blood stream before leaving through the skin, breath, urine and faeces.  The movement of these toxins through the body can produce sensations of feeling ill, when in fact, the case is quite the opposite; the body is going through healing.  Sometimes this process can release remnants of past illnesses, causing an individual to experience similar, but less severe, symptoms of a past illness.  These symptoms usually pass within a day or two. 

The  Far Infrared Thermal Mat  is a useful tool for detoxification, but it is important to start out slowly in order to determine what your body can tolerate.  It is also important to drink plenty of pure water to help eliminate toxins from the body.

Remember everyone has different backgrounds, needs and metabolism, which can change on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important to use your intuition and listen to your own body

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