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About Me

In 2003 I read an article which changed the course of my life!  It was a simple article on how our body operates best in a slightly alkaline state (our blood should be around pH 7.34 – 7.4).  Stress, toxins and poor food choices cause our body’s to become acidic which leads to all sorts of health problems. 

The article discussed how stress management, switching to a diet high in alkaline forming foods, reducing exposure to toxins and drinking ionized, alkaline water would greatly improve your energy, immunity, aid in weight loss and even prevent chronic diseases such as cancer, MS, diabetes, heart problems etc.

This all made perfect sense to me and I thought I had found the Holy Grail of health!   I purchased my first water ionizer, alkalizer and started researching all I could on alkalinity and ionized alkaline water.   The rest is history!  Within months Positive Potential was launched and we soon became Australia’s leading specialists in alkalinity (with a move recently towards an Alka Paleo lifestyle).

My passion and commitment to learning all I can about natural health continues to burn strongly all these years later!  I believe I will still be researching until the day I die!

My mission is to help you get healthier, have increased energy, reach your ideal weight and feel good about yourself!

Welcome to our website.

Robyn Backhouse