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Care Free Water Conditioner for Whole Home


Probably the best natural water treatment in the world!  


Fitted at your water meter, Care-Free simply becomes part of your pipeline. It will ‘naturally condition’ all your household water.

As the name suggests, it is a ‘water conditioner’, not a softener or filter. Care-Free will help minimize the adverse effect of many of the undesirable substances in your water supply.

What’s more you’ll be pleased to know it requires virtually no maintenance. And because it’s hand crafted from extremely durable stainless steel it will last you a lifetime.

Consider the Benefits:

  • Improves the taste of domestic water supplies, makes great tea and coffee and keeps your kettle clean

  • Helps keep bathtub and shower walls clean with less scrubbing

  • Water saturates and cleans better, gives whiter, softer clothes with less detergent

  • Dishwashers and washing machines remain clean and scale free, less maintenance

  • Stops scaling in piping, removes existing scale, improves water pressure

  • Lawns and gardens require less water to stay green and healthy

  • Less water spotting makes car washing easy

  • Protects water heaters from corrosion, adds years to their lifetime

  • Reduces salt encrustation on air conditioners 

Lab tests have proven Care-Free’s natural hard water treatment’ removes 70% of chlorine taste, while enhancing chlorination protection. This means you get the benefits of chlorination… without the taste.

Read the lab report on the difference on Care-Free treated water Lab report PDF

Why Do You Need A Care-Free Water Conditioner?

First and foremost the Care-Free Water Conditioner is a water problem solver. With a proven track record since 1980, our unique product has helped tens of thousands of people in Australia and around the world solve their water problems and improve their water quality. It can also help you… improve your water supply. 

If you experience scale build-up anywhere in your water system, including your electric kettle or iron at home for example, you are experiencing the same if not greater scale build up elsewhere.
A Care-Free Water Conditioner reduces or eliminates this scale build up saving you in energy (electricity for heating water etc) maintenance costs (replacement of elements and other components) and improves the look and taste of your water supply.

CF20 ECO for domestic use

Flow rate: 50 lit/min*
Connection: 3/4″ male
Length: 192mm
Installed in-line after water meter
Always pair with an earth kit/power supply



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