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MinWell+ Replacement Filter


Replacement Filter for the MinWell+ 

Filter Ingredients

Ceramic Base to remove sediment, particles and pathogens down to 0.2 microns including crypto, giardia and e-coli.

Activated Alumina to absorb unwanted fluoride

KDF55 neutralizes organic and inorganic chemicals and heavy metals including lead, copper aluminium using a patented electrochemical reaction principle.

Activated 'Calgon' Coconut Carbon for the absorption of chlorine, odour, colour, some heavy metals, VOC's and pesticides.

Pure Magnesium to produce molecular hydrogen, selectrive anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories.

"Zendo' Energizing and Mineralization balls adds alkaline minerals and trace minerals to purified water.

Pure minerals to produce good negative ORP.

"Tenkaido" Far Infrared Ionization Ceramics to increase ionizing activation, softening, plus trace minerals.

KDF and Activated Carbon to polish, energize and activate mineralized water to give premium taste experience.

NeoDymium Magnetics create energy field to stabilise ORP, pH, small molecules and enhance flavour.

Lifespan of Filter:

6 months

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